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International Friendship Association (IFA)

International Friendship Association (IFA) was founded in January 2006 in Ethiopia as a local  non-profit  organization and in January 2017 in Germany, Frankfurt am Main, as a non-profit organization and was legally registered on 20 April 2017. IFA promotes intercultural integration and community-based development aid and support for needy children and women in Ethiopia.


IFA envision every community members have ensured sustainable livelihood and get access to basic social services.


To create affirmative change in the lives of Community in need.


To promote community centred development activities at grassroots level towards its socio-economic improvement in Ethiopia;

To provide support for needy children and women in Ethiopia through sponsorship program and community development aid; 

To promote immigrants intercultural integration in German through participation;

To promote human rights awareness and create understanding among immigrants and the hosting community;

To support politically and /or religiously persecuted and displaced refugees as well as people affected by discrimination;

To promote intercultural events through training, seminars, conferences and forums;

To promote intercultural dialogue between Germany and Ethiopia.

Women Empowerment Programme

Situation of destitute Women

Women in Sub-Saharan Africa particularly in Ethiopia have been exposed to socio-economic vulnerability due to extreme poverty and inherited socio-cultural marginalization. Rural women remain a disadvantaged segment of Ethiopia society. The project area is characterized by a typical rural setting with the women and girls of the area mostly involved in household chores, having no say in the family affairs. Excluded from receiving basic education and entirely dependent on their male counterparts, exposed to domestic violence, and are not allowed to step out of their houses.

The empowerment of women is one of the solutions to the problems of inequality, subordination, and marginalization that women face in society. To strengthening and empowering the livelihood of marginalized women; International Friendship Association (IFA) will create women Self Help Groups to change their status of socio-economic conditions, maximizing their productivity, creating access to the functional adult literacy program, skill training, and various income-generating schemes through sustainable means to support themselves and to be economically self-reliant.

Orientation and Skill Training For Women Self-help Group (SHG)

Income Generating Activities (IGA) 

Income Generating Activities (IGA) 

Income Generating Activities (IGA) 

Saving and loan

Functional Adult Literacy

Children Programme

The AIDS curse has created major problems and left number of the Ethiopia orphans behind. Children are the most vulnerable and many of them are orphaned or even infected by the HIV infection. This has tended to have lifelong effects on their development leading to a generation of no hope for tomorrow.

Most times they are left in the hands of relatives who are struggling to keep their own immediate families from starving. Subsequently, when the relative can no longer cope up, the orphans suffer most and in terms of education the guardians do care for their only legitimate sons and daughters, this has contributed to the increasing number of street kids roaming in the city and other towns. The rest of these OVCs end up in child domestic labour service and prostitution, other children are left in the hands of their grandparents who are aged and cannot contribute anything towards the well being of these orphaned children.

“Child Sponsorship Real help, Real Change!”

Today's children are tomorrow's parents and leaders. Child sponsoring is the beginning of a unique relationship between you and a child. Your support can give a needy child, life’s essentials like food, education, basic health care and immunization. Sponsorship provides a sense of security and sense of belonging to a child, and in return, you will get the satisfaction of investing for better Ethiopian children. The best way to change a child's life is to change the world in which they live.
A number of disadvantaged children will benefit from “Child Sponsorship program”. The door is open to every volunteer individual, organizations and private sectors who would like to sponsor children under difficult circumstances in Ethiopia. Thousands of Ethiopian orphan children are awaiting for your valuable help.
Sponsor a child today! and experience the difference!

One  child expenses

For food, clothes, school attendance and    basic health care € 30 per month and total amount € 30 x 12 months = € 360 per year.  Save one  Euro (€ 1)   per day and change a child's life! One Euro (€ 1) per day can make a difference!
This small amount of money goes a long way through a country in helping to support children in difficult circumstances to change their life in Ethiopia where need is greatest.

Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you make a donation that will contribute to the betterment of lives of needy children in the County. Your kindly donations, grants, legacies, gifts, and project funding allows IFA to address the needs of marginalized children thereby realizing its desired goal.
Any kind of support is something special for IFA’s program whatever it is, small or big. Contribution can be made in-kind or in cash, whether in group or individually. When you decide to support IFA’s program please use our address on the next page.

Intercultural integration

Intercultural integration is an equal participation in all areas of social life: economic, legal, political and cultural aspects. It is a two-sided process that transforms both immigrants and the hosting society. Intercultural integration is an important task that affects all areas of our society. First and foremost, integration takes place in community life, in the neighbourhood, in churches, in associations and organizations at all levels. It requires efforts from all, from the state and society, which consists of people with and without migration background.

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