International Friendship Association (IFA)

International Friendship Association (IFA) gGmbH, is an immigrant background organization based in Frankfurt am Main dedicated to promoting intercultural integration, providing crucial support to refugees, and offering cultural education initiatives for immigrant children in Frankfurt am Main. Simultaneously, we are deeply committed to extending a helping hand to underprivileged children and women in Ethiopia. 


IFA envision every community members have ensured sustainable livelihood and get access to basic social services.


To create affirmative change in the lives of Community in need.


To promote community centred development activities at grassroots level towards its socio-economic improvement in Ethiopia;

To provide support for needy children and women in Ethiopia through sponsorship program and community development aid; 

To promote immigrants intercultural integration in German through participation;

To promote human rights awareness and create understanding among immigrants and the hosting community;

To support politically and /or religiously persecuted and displaced refugees as well as people affected by discrimination;

To promote intercultural events through training, seminars, conferences and forums;

To promote intercultural dialogue between Germany and Ethiopia.